Kendra Wilkinson accepts a new proposal
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Heart Pink Sapphire and Round Diamond Ring Heart Pink Sapphire and Round Diamond Ring Heart Pink Sapphire and Round Diamond Ring
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The pink is the color of love, romance and passionate feelings. The soft and velvety color of the pink roses is worth praise and their captivating charm is the reason why the lover chooses to win the heart of his love with pink roses. If we talk about the girls, they have loved this soft hue and therefore any gift which has this color is most welcomed. The pink dress, roses, accessories or jewelry, when colored in pink melts her heart in no time.
Stack Your Love In Pink Hue!
Keeping this in mind, the jewelry designers of were asked to design the beautiful stackable rings in pink sapphire. This task was very amazingly completed by them and the outcome were mesmerizing rings in this precious stone. The different rings have different designs and patterns. The stunning shapes are round, square, oval, heart etc. While you explore the large collection you will come across the solitaire rings, rings having pink sapphire and diamonds etc.
The fantastic news is that these rings can be personalized. You can choose the various available options and alter the look of the rings according to your taste and budget. It will be very exciting to slip these rings onto the finger of your beloved and let them speak of your sincere love for her!

Love is eternal and its expressions are soaked in emotions and bathed in romance! Every man dreams of popping up the question to his girl in the most romantic manner, with the most romantic ring, so that the answer becomes an obvious YES!
Romantic Pink Sapphire Rings
Now, for doing so, one should be very careful in deciding which ring to select for the day, as it is an important part of the entire scene. Though the gemstone studded rings are perfect for the purpose, yet the question arises as to which gemstone to choose? Each gemstone is good in its own way and exhibit excellent beauty, but the pink sapphire is the stone which will best suit the need of the day.
The pink sapphire ring will add excitement to the mood of romance as it seems dipped in love and just love. Its soft and velvety pink color reminds the beauty of a blooming pink rose, which can melt any heart. This color is the key attraction of the stone which makes it so apt to propose someone.
Designer Pink Sapphire Rings
You can explore the large world of beautifully designed pink sapphire rings at various online stores like Here, you will find these rings in various shapes,designs, sizes and stone combinations. Every ring has a different source of inspiration behind its design. The combination with diamond, sapphire, emerald, ruby, etc. makes them worth praise.
In addition to this, you can also get these personalized according to your budget and/or choice. It becomes all the more exciting and thrilling to propose the special one with the special ring!

The trend of proposing your girl with a ring is very well known. There would be no woman in the world whose heart won’t melt on having a love soaked proposal! And, a gemstone ring along with it will be a plus point.
We know that in the large world of gemstone studded rings, it becomes way too difficult to pick the one that is best for the girl. We have a suggestion for you; try a pink hued sapphire ring. This will not only attract her heart but also leave her spell bound.
The Oval Cathedral Ring
Online stores like have large collection of this rosy pink gemstone rings. Check out the “Oval Cathedral Ring” which seems to be the epitome of style and beauty. Pink sapphire gem, contrasted with sparkling diamonds is the key attraction of the ring and it is a not-to-be-missed ring. One of the best sellers at the store, this ring can be personalized and you can gift it to your girl without burdening your pocket.
It is surely very exciting and thrilling to gift a piece of jewelry which is made in your choice. You can choose the metal type viz. white gold, yellow gold or the platinum. Some people like to have this ring in white metals, where as the others like to give additional color and glow to the ring by getting it set in yellow gold.
Metal Type Oval Pink Sapphire Ring
Whichever metal you choose for your ring, one thing is sure that you will win her heart all over again and she will be compelled to say you “Yes”!

The cheerful and friendly nature is the one that is liked the most by everyone across the globe and this kind of jovial people are welcomed everywhere. To applaud this cheerful behavior of the people, has brought forth a beautiful ring. It has been dedicated to these people and hence named as “Jovial Ring”.
Round Diamond and Pink Sapphire Split Shank Ring
The ring features a brilliant round shaped diamond as the center stone surrounded by 16 pink sapphires. The sparkling diamonds extend till the filigree to render the ring a charismatic look.
This ring makes a perfect gift as well. You can use this as your expression of love. We are sure that when the receiver unwraps the gift to find this beautiful ring, she is going to love it through and through.
Metal Type Diamond Pink Sapphire Ring
As every woman has a distinctive choice and she is very particular when it comes to the color of the metal, the online jewelry store lets you own this ring in the metal of your choice. You can choose white gold, yellow gold or the platinum metal, which ever appeals you the most. The white metals make the ring look too stylish and when it is set in yellow gold, it has an additional color and the look derived is classic.
Whatever combination you choose for your ring, we are sure that your ring is going to fetch you dozens of complements!

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Pink Sapphire Wedding BandThe world of rings and bands is large and enchanting. We know that you must be having a good number of rings and bands in your jewelry wardrobe, and we also know that you still desire to add some more bands to your collection.
This is the reason why we have brought this beautiful piece of jewelry for you! “The Copula Band” features 17 round pink colored sapphire gemstones. These are of Natural AA quality grade and they shine beautifully, thus making the band look elegant and graceful. The store offers you with the freedom to choose the metal type and hence you can get this band made in white metal viz. white gold or platinum, or in golden metal- yellow gold.
In case you are thinking to gift it to someone, then please be sure about the woman’s choice in metals, as every woman has a clear choice in yellow metal or white metal. We want your gift to be loved by the person, and therefore it is very important to be double sure about her choice.
You can also feel delighted as you can pay for this band in the installments of two or three, in case you do not wish to pay whole amount in one go. The best part is that the band shall be delivered to you just after you have made the first installment. The band can be worn single or can be beautifully stacked with other bands/rings. The band can be resized as the sapphires are mounted on the ¾ band.

An engagement ring is a very precious purchase. As it is your speaker for asking her hand in marriage, it should be up-to-the mark. Your selection should be in line with the ongoing trends and at the same time it should be timeless.
Also, it should be beautiful and beyond her imaginations. The size doesn’t matter much unless she loves it to be bigger. A medium sized engagement ring wearable and affordable.
Alyssa RingThe Classic Three-Stone Ring 
The major concern is about style. In the time when fashion changes every minute, you can’t predict what you are buying today will remain in after a year or so. In that case it’s wise to choose something classic like a vintage ring or a three stone piece.
If you like things ethnic then vintage style is perfect for the proposal. As the trendiest style in past, present and future, vintage is an ideal theme for an engagement ring.
Aphrodite Ring Mademoiselle Ring
Considered as the expression of romance, love and power, vintage designs including floral motifs and colored stones are great way to ask, ‘Will you marry me?’
You can choose solitaires, three-stone or halo designs in vintage styles. Various traditional and online stores like have launched an opulent vintage collection. Choose from the designs or go for a customized ring, any ways a vintage engagement ring is a precious, eternal and elite proposal piece.

Congratulations to the young bride-to-be Kailyn Lowry who has recently got engaged to beau Javi Marroquin.
The 20 year old reality star and mom of 2 year old son Isaac took twitter to announce the happy news. “Thank you all for being so supportive! No concrete wedding plans yet, but hopefully in the near future.”
Kailyn is a reality TV star who first appeared on MTV’s 16 & Pregnant and then participated in Teen Mom 2.
Kailyn Lowry and fiance Javi Marroguin with diamond engagement ring
She also posted the image of her understated engagement ring which is a beautiful three-stone square diamond ring. The ring is small yet it’s dainty, feminine and perfect for a teen bride. The sparkling diamonds are prong set on a white metal band flaunting accent diamonds for additional brilliance. It’s a very simple, classic and romantic design which signifies past, present and future.
Her ring has once again stated that it is not necessarily to be bold for being beautiful. Instead the ring selection cleared that the couple is not materialistic and believes in the relationship.
Oval Sapphire and Diamond Three Stone Ring Aztec Ring
When you are in love a ring is very important. Be it a large bauble or a simple sapphire ring, the only thing that values is the message it carries.
We wish the couple a blissful present and future ahead.

Sapphire earrings are one of the most popular jewelry styles. Bold, simple, vintage, contemporary, they are just loved by people in every form.
Salma Hayek & Beyonce Knowles Both Celebrity Wear Sapphire Earrings
Sapphire is the birthstone for people born in September and so it is obvious that many of you want to buy them for a September celebration. Like Beyonce Knowles, Salma Hayek, Hilary Duff and Michele Williams, if you are also a proud September born then these designer sapphire earrings must be your preferred choice for your special day.
You Should Also Choose Any of Pink Sapphire Earrings As a Gift
And guys if your influential lady has a birthday in the coming month then you should also choose any of these earrings as a surprise gift. After all what is better than jewelry to show the priceless emotions.
Round Sapphire and Diamond Earrings
With a trendy twisted diamond setting, these studs are one of the best contemporary styles. You can pair them with your little black dress or let them be a part of your Fall/Winter accessories for the high school fashion.
Round Pink Sapphire Three Stone Earrings
For a sweet little girl next door, these pink sapphire studs are elite and head turning. Beautifully set in a fuchsia pattern with that typical pink, they are adorable for a teen diva.
Oval, Round Pink Sapphire and Diamond Earrings
Pink is not only for teens and these dangles exactly states the same. With a classic locking pattern, the earrings are fresh and blooming and suitable for all ages.
Studded with blue and pink sapphires, these trendy earrings are perfect for a day and nightwear. They are brilliant and soft. Why to look further when you have best things in hand? Add them to your vault and flaunt a glamorous style this Fall.

We have witnessed many celebrity engagements and weddings in this summer. But saying ‘I do’ immediately isn’t in everyone’s thoughts. And the ‘Vampire Diaries’ star Nina Dobrev is one of them.
Nina Dobrev Wedding & Engagement
The actress has been dating her co-star Ian Somerhalder for quite some time. But she clearly smashed all the rumors about any impending engagement or wedding. According to OK! Magazine, Ian had planned to propose Nina early this year but chose to wait after she revealed that she wanted to focus on her career.
Ian Somerhalder & Nina Dobrev Pending Their Wedding
“I am a career woman and a young very driven woman, and I’ve got a lot I have to accomplish before I settle down and have kids and do any of that.” told Dobrev to Access Hollywood earlier this year.
Nina Dobrev Carrer Young Very Driven Woman
So that means all the Vampire Diaries fans have to wait for a wedding in line.
The Svelte Wedding Band
But if you are planning to walk down the aisle this summer and looking for desirable wedding bands, then try to get it from an authentic online store like
These stores offer a magnificent array of designer rings to choose from. And if you want a custom-made piece, they can also help you with that.
Diamond Eternity RingPlatinum Bandsapphire & diamond set white gold
Whether you have decided for a diamond eternity ring with an urban platinum band or your lady want a sapphire and diamond set white gold bling, you’ll easily get it from an online jeweler.
Just remember to choose the authentic one who can provide you a grading certificate or an appraisal certificate for your jewelry.

We have heard that the pop queen Jennifer Lopez wanted to walk down the aisle again. In fact marriage is a fairy tale for her and she never wanted to give up this dream of her.
Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart
So by this can we assume a fourth wedding is in line and she has indicated her beau Casper to propose her!!
Certainly yes! Then why Mr. Smart hasn’t made it official?
Well, we know that the actress’s beau is not as wealthy as she is and to give it a shot he must be thinking to acquire certain position. While the work has been started with him official announced as the chief choreographer for Jennifer’s new tour, we can assume that the 25 years dude would prove his vigor.
Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony with Diamond Engagement Ring
But that is not the only question in line. Another thought be thing is the proposal ring. It’s world known that JLo had received some really big bling from her previous relationships. Her ex-husband Marc Anthony had proposed her with a massive 8.5 carat blue diamond bauble. And prior to him Ben Affleck made it with a 6-carat pink diamond.
So now Casper might have to work upon a rock with carats probably in two digits. In such a situation, Casper can smartly opt for a sapphire jewel.
Oval Sapphire and Diamond Three Stone Ring
Sapphire is one the most popular gems for engagement rings and it has been a perfect diamond substitute. Casper can have a 10 plus carat sapphire ring especially designed for his lady. Sapphire, known as a stone of longevity, faithfulness, eternity and love, would surely be a deserving choice.
It won’t only express the emotions for him but would also be a unique jewel for the stunning diva.

Sapphire and diamond engagement rings have been a part of the tradition for many years. They are the likes of royals and celebs. And is the best choice for a summer proposal.
Grant Show and Katherine LaNasa
The heavenly beauty of a sapphire when matched with the white charm of diamonds creates a dramatic effect.
Probably this was one of the reasons why ‘Melrose Place’ star Grant Show selected a diamond and sapphire bling for proposing his lovely lady.
Emerald Cut Sapphire and Diamond Vintage Ring
Yes, the handsome man is engaged and officially off the market.
Show has recently proposed his girlfriend actress Katherine LaNasa with an amazing 4 carat sapphire diamond engagement ring designed by Solange of Beverly Hills.
The news was confirmed by LaNasa’s rep, who said that she was very excited and already stated working on the wedding plans that would happen later this year.
So that means we would have a celebrity wedding any time in the near future!
It will be show’s second and Katherine’s third wedding. Earlier Show was married to Pollyanna McIntosh. He had a divorce in 2011.
The 45 years beauty was previously married to the legendry movie icon Dennis Hopper, whom she divorced in 1992. She later united with actor French Stewart but split in 2009.
Presently the couple is busy with their professional projects. Grant’s new flick ‘The Possession’ which is a horror film, is about to release in august this year and LaNasa will be seen in the upcoming NBC series ‘Infamous’.

Jason of Beverly Hills is not a new name in the fashion industry.
celebrityJewelry Is Famous For Its Custom-Made Engagement RingsWedding & Anniversary Gifts
The celebrity jewelry designer house is famous for its custom-made engagement rings and wedding & anniversary gifts.
Gilttery & Glowing Jewelry House
With its glittery and glowing jewelry, the house always remains in trend. But this time it was something exceptionally brilliant about the designer.
Bejeweled Knives Made By Jason Of Beverly Hills
This time the custom-made bling was not for wearing. It was for eating the steak. Sounds a bit surprising! Well, Jason of Beverly Hills and steakhouse STK have come out with a set of bejeweled knives for a brilliant dining experience.
Diamond Knife $18,000  & Pink Sapphire Knife $12,000
The set of two knives has an $18,000 diamond knife and a $12,000 pink sapphire knife available only at the Cosmopolitan Hotel location of the restaurant.
Diamond Knife6.5 Carat Pink Sapphire Knife
Earlier, it was only the diamond knife. But due to the growing demand of bejeweled cutlery, another knife with vibrant pink sapphires has been created. This new knife holds ‘300 full-cut pink sapphires set into a signature steak knife’ of stainless steel. It took the skilled craftsman 20 hours to hand set these 6.5 carat sapphires into the knife.
Jason of Beverly Hills Has Created A Diamond Dinnerware Set
Jason of Beverly Hills has already created a diamond dinnerware set for the royal family of Saudi Arabia. And now the store wanted the style to be introduced in fine dining.